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  • In situ three-dimensional imaging of strain in gold nanocrystals during catalytic oxidation

    Suzana, Ana Flavia Autor UNESP; Rochet, Amélie; Passos, Aline Ribeiro; Castro Zerba, João Paulo; Polo, Carla Cristina; Santilli, Celso Valentim Autor UNESP; Pulcinelli, Sandra Helena Autor UNESP; Berenguer, Felisa; Harder, Ross; Maxey, Evan et al. (Nanoscale Advances, 2019) [Artigo]
    The chemical properties of materials are dependent on dynamic changes in their three-dimensional (3D) structure as well as on the reactive environment. We report an in situ 3D imaging study of defect dynamics of a single ...
  • Perspectives on and Precautions for the Uses of Electric Spectroscopic Methods in Label-free Biosensing Applications

    Garrote, Beatriz L. Autor UNESP; Santos, Adriano Autor UNESP; Bueno, Paulo R. Autor UNESP (ACS Sensors, 2019) [Artigo]
    Label-free approaches for molecular diagnostic applications are appealing because of their inherent point-of-care advantages. Nonetheless, technical challenges impose a limit on the use of these methods as will be discussed ...
  • Chemical Hardness of Mesoscopic Electrochemical Systems Directly Analyzed from Experimental Data

    Miranda, David A.; Bueno, Paulo R. Autor UNESP (Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019) [Artigo]
    The absolute chemical hardness η for a chemical system under a steady external potential I containing N electrons and an energy E(N) was defined by Robert Parr and Ralph Pearson as η = (δ2E/δN2)I. Chemical hardness is a ...
  • Influence of cold gas spray parameters on the corrosion resistance of Al-Al2O3 coatings sprayed on carbon steel

    da Silva, F. S. Autor UNESP; Cinca, N.; Dosta, S.; Cano, I. G.; Guilemany, J. M.; Benedetti, A. V. Autor UNESP (Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology, 2019) [Artigo]
    This work describes the influence of standoff distance (SoD), and gas temperature on the morphology and corrosion resistance of Al-10%Al2O3 coatings deposited by cold gas spray (CGS) on carbon steel. The results showed ...
  • Carbon nanotube plasma functionalization: The role of carbon nanotube/maleic anhydride solid premix

    Steffen, Teresa Tromm; Fontana, Luis César; Hammer, Peter Autor UNESP; Becker, Daniela (Applied Surface Science, 2019) [Artigo]
    Carbon nanotubes (CNT) were functionalized by radio-frequency plasma using maleic anhydride (MA) as a source of functional groups. The MA insertion was performed in the solid form through a mixture with CNT conducted under ...
  • Self-supported nickel nanoparticles on germanophosphate glasses: Synthesis and applications in catalysis

    Lenz, Guilherme Felipe; Schneider, Rodrigo; Rossi De Aguiar, Kelen M. F.; Bini, Rafael A.; Chaker, Juliano Alexandre; Hammer, Peter Autor UNESP; Botteselle, Giancarlo V.; Felix, Jorlandio F.; Schneider, Ricardo (RSC Advances, 2019) [Artigo]
    The development of supported catalysts based on simple procedures without waste products and time-consuming steps is highly desirable. In this paper, self-supported nickel-based nanoparticles were obtained at the surface ...
  • Tannin: A natural corrosion inhibitor for aluminum alloys

    Nardeli, Jéssica V. Autor UNESP; Fugivara, Cecilio S. Autor UNESP; Taryba, Maryna; Pinto, Elaine R.P. Autor UNESP; Montemor, M. F.; Benedetti, Assis V. Autor UNESP (Progress in Organic Coatings, 2019) [Artigo]
    This work aims at investigating the effect of tannin, a natural compound, as corrosion inhibitor for bare and coated aluminum alloys (AA1200). Tannin was characterized by Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform ...
  • Accelerated ultraviolet aging of structural and luminescent properties of the ureasil-polyether hybrid materials U-PEO:Eu3+ and U-PPO:Eu3+

    Palácio, Gustavo Autor UNESP; Boyer, Damien; Therias, Sandrine; Pulcinelli, Sandra H. Autor UNESP; Mahiou, Rachid; Chadeyron, Geneviève; Santilli, Celso V. Autor UNESP (Polymer, 2019) [Artigo]
    In this paper, we evaluate the role played by the polyether type and chain length on the complexation of Eu3+ by the urea group of siloxane-polyether organic-inorganic hybrid materials based on polyethylene oxide (U-PEO, ...
  • A portable electrochemical microcell for weld inspection of duplex stainless steel tanks

    Guilherme, L. H.; Benedetti, A. V. Autor UNESP; Fugivara, C. S. Autor UNESP (Corrosion, 2019) [Artigo]
    Electrochemical tests are well-established techniques used in corrosion studies, with the development of microcells and microcapillaries enabling localized evaluation of specific microregions of a welded joint. Until now, ...
  • Pseudocapacitance phenomena and applications in biosensing devices

    Oliveira, Raphael M.B. Autor UNESP; Fernandes, Flávio C.B. Autor UNESP; Bueno, Paulo R. Autor UNESP (Electrochimica Acta, 2019) [Artigo]
    The concept of electrochemical capacitance comprises both double-layer grounded capacitive (non-faradaic charging) and pseudocapacitive (faradaic charging) behaviours, as has been recently demonstrated [1–3]. In this paper, ...
  • Moisture sorption of biochar from banana pseudostem fibers according to the pyrolysis temperature

    Dias, Diogenes dos Santos Autor UNESP; Faria, Flaviana Andrade Autor UNESP; Mattiolli, Lucas Autor UNESP; Capela, Marisa Veiga Autor UNESP; Capela, Jorge Manuel Vieira Autor UNESP; Crespi, Marisa Spirandeli Autor UNESP; Ribeiro, Clovis Augusto Autor UNESP (Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2019) [Artigo]
    Biomass has been widely used mainly for power generation or fertilizer and can be used in natura, torrefied or pyrolyzed form. For application in the generation of energy or fertilizer, it is necessary the knowledge of ...
  • A nanoscale redox-active composite as a low-fouling interface for capacitive assaying

    Fernandes, Flávio C. Bedatty Autor UNESP; Andrade, Juliana R. Autor UNESP; Bueno, Paulo R. Autor UNESP (Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 2019) [Artigo]
    An electro-active nanoscale composite was engineered to serve as an alternative to monolayers in a capacitive biosensing platform. An electrochemical impedance-derived spectroscopic method was applied to analyse the response ...
  • Ethanol dehydrogenative reactions catalyzed by copper supported on porous Al-Mg mixed oxides

    Petrolini, Davi D. Autor UNESP; Cassinelli, Wellington H.; Pereira, Cristiane A.; Urquieta-González, Ernesto A.; Santilli, Celso V. Autor UNESP; Martins, Leandro Autor UNESP (RSC Advances, 2019) [Artigo]
    Mixed aluminum and magnesium oxides (AlMgO) prepared by means of an emulsion-mediated sol-gel method was impregnated with copper nitrate solution and used in the ethanol dehydrogenative reactions to produce acetaldehyde ...
  • Corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties of copper coating deposited by cold gas spray

    da Silva, F. S. Autor UNESP; Cinca, N.; Dosta, S.; Cano, I. G.; Guilemany, J. M.; Caires, C. S.A.; Lima, A. R.; Silva, C. M.; Oliveira, S. L.; Caires, A. R.L. et al. (Surface and Coatings Technology, 2019) [Artigo]
    This work describes the morphology, corrosion resistance, and antibacterial performance of copper coating deposited onto carbon steel by cold gas spray (CGS). Cross-sectional images of the coating showed a dense microstructure, ...
  • Nanoscale origins of super-capacitance phenomena

    Bueno, Paulo R. Autor UNESP (Journal of Power Sources, 2019) [Resenha]
    We review the origins of capacitive phenomena at the nanoscale to demonstrate that electrochemistry cannot be understood without a critical re-reading of nanoscale electronics, and vice-versa. The fundamentals are stated ...
  • Operando monitoring of metal sites and coke evolution during non-oxidative and oxidative ethanol steam reforming over Ni and NiCu ex-hydrotalcite catalysts

    Passos, Aline Ribeiro Autor UNESP; Pulcinelli, Sandra Helena Autor UNESP; Santilli, Celso Valentim Autor UNESP; Briois, Valérie (Catalysis Today, 2019) [Artigo]
    Ni and NiCu bimetallic catalysts derived from hydrotalcite-like compounds have been studied by operando time-resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy/Raman Spectroscopy/Mass Spectrometry during ethanol steam reforming (ESR) ...
  • Natural latex-glycerol dressing to reduce nipple pain and healing the skin in breastfeeding women

    de Barros, Natan Roberto Autor UNESP; dos Santos, Ricardo Soares Autor UNESP; Miranda, Matheus Carlos Romeiro Autor UNESP; Bolognesi, Luis Felipe Cesar Autor UNESP; Borges, Felipe Azevedo Autor UNESP; Schiavon, João Victor Autor UNESP; Marques, Rodrigo Fernando Costa Autor UNESP; Herculano, Rondinelli Donizetti Autor UNESP; Norberto, Ana Maria Queiros (Skin Research and Technology, 2019) [Artigo]
    Background: Nipple pain is the second most common reason for early weaning, exceeded only by the insufficient milk supply. Nipple fissures can bring other problems, acting also as a portal for bacteria and leading to ...
  • Introduction to fundamental concepts

    Bueno, Paulo Roberto Autor UNESP (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, 2018) [Capítulo de livro]
    This chapter discusses the importance of establishing a unified approach to electronics and electrochemistry.
  • Preface

    Bueno, Paulo Roberto Autor UNESP (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, 2018) [Editorial]
  • Field effect and applications

    Bueno, Paulo Roberto Autor UNESP (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology, 2018) [Capítulo de livro]
    Chapter 1 discussed the importance of establishing a unified standpoint for electronics and electrochemistry, and also showed that this can be done by suitably defining chemical or electrochemical capacitances. In Chap. ...

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