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Recent Submissions

  • Superconducting Nanowires

    Zadorosny, Rafael Autor UNESP; Junior, Milton B.F. Autor UNESP; Koblischka-Veneva, Anjela; Koblischka, Michael R. (Nanowires: Applications, Chemistry, Materials, and Technologies, 2023) [Capítulo de livro]
    Superconductivity is characterized by two critical lengths, the London penetration depth, Λ L (T), and the coherence length, Ξ(T), so nanowires may have at least one dimension below one of these characteristic lengths. ...
  • A systematic interpretation of the quantum cutting effect by a cooperative energy transfer mechanism in Te4+/Yb3+ co-doped tellurite glasses

    Rufino Souza, Ana Kely; Silva, Junior Reis; Costa, Francine Bettio Autor UNESP; Silos Moraes, Joao Carlos Autor UNESP; Oliveira Nunes, Luiz Antonio de; Cunha Andrade, Luis Humberto da; Lima, Sandro Marcio (Ceramics International, 2023) [Artigo]
    The near-infrared downconversion (DC) mechanism in Te4+/Yb3+ co-doped 75TeO2–25Li2O tellurite glasses (amounts in mol%) was closely followed using optical and thermal spectroscopy techniques. The glasses were prepared by ...
  • A sustainable approach on the potential use of kale puree in edible wraps

    Oliveira, Elaine Florinda Rodrigues de Autor UNESP; Bonfim, Kely Silveira Autor UNESP; Aouada, Fauze Ahmad Autor UNESP; Azeredo, Henriette Monteiro Cordeiro de; Moura, Márcia Regina de Autor UNESP (Applied Food Research, 2023) [Artigo]
    Edible films can be used to prevent food spoilage, and investigations in this regard are paramount. When prepared alongside biopolymers, these materials become totally biodegradable in a short period of time, decreasing ...
  • Influence of pinning centers of different natures on surrounding vortices

    Carvalho dos Santos, Rodolfo Autor UNESP; Duarte, Elwis Carlos Sartorelli Autor UNESP; Okimoto, Danilo Autor UNESP; Presotto, Alice Autor UNESP; Sardella, Edson Autor UNESP; Motta, Maycon; Zadorosny, Rafael Autor UNESP (Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics, 2023) [Artigo]
    Studies involving vortex dynamics and their interaction with pinning centers are an important issue to reach higher critical currents in superconducting materials. The vortex distribution around arrays of engineered defects, ...
  • PAAm/CMC/nanoclay nanocomposite hydrogel: understanding the influence of initiators on the chain-growth mechanisms

    da Silva Fernandes, Renan Autor UNESP; Tanaka, Fabrício Cerizza Autor UNESP; Junior, Carlos Roberto Ferreira Autor UNESP; Yonezawa, Uilian Gabaldi Autor UNESP; de Moura, Márcia Regina Autor UNESP; Aouada, Fauze Ahmad Autor UNESP (Journal of Polymer Research, 2022) [Artigo]
    In this study, heat measurements were used to investigate the influence of three initiators on the chain-growth mechanisms of polyacrylamide/carboxymethylcellulose/nanoclay nanocomposite hydrogels. All the matrices had ...
  • Synthesis, Application and Effect of Hybrid Nanocomposites Based on Hydrogel and Nanoclay in Cement-Mortars

    Watanuki Filho, Adhemar; Higuti, Ricardo Tokio Autor UNESP; Moura, Marcia Regina de Autor UNESP; Aouada, Fauze Ahmad Autor UNESP (Polymers, 2022) [Artigo]
    Hybrid nanocomposite hydrogels, as admixtures for internal curing of cementitious materials, have been widely studied. This study analyzes the effect of applying 0.5% (wt/wt cement) of pre-soaked hydrogels based on ...
  • Properties, synthesis, characterization and application of hydrogel and magnetic hydrogels: A concise review

    da Silva Fernandes, Renan Autor UNESP; Tanaka, Fabrício Nunes Autor UNESP; Angelotti, Arthur Maffei Autor UNESP; Ferreira Júnior, Carlos Roberto Autor UNESP; Yonezawa, Uilian Gabaldi Autor UNESP; Watanuki Filho, Adhemar Autor UNESP; de Moura, Márcia Regina Autor UNESP; Aouada, Fauze Ahmad Autor UNESP (Advances in Nano-Fertilizers and Nano-Pesticides in Agriculture: A Smart Delivery System for Crop Improvement, 2020) [Capítulo de livro]
    Magnetic hydrogels are considered smart materials because they can respond to the magnetic field, and in some case, it can also present other sensibilities, like temperature, pH, etc. It can be obtained employing various ...
  • Root development in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit enhances copper accumulation

    Bomfim, Nayane Cristina Pires Autor UNESP; Aguilar, Jailson Vieira Autor UNESP; Ferreira, Tassia Caroline Autor UNESP; dos Santos, Beatriz Silvério Autor UNESP; de Paiva, Wesller da Silva Autor UNESP; de Souza, Lucas Anjos; Camargos, Liliane Santos Autor UNESP (Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023) [Artigo]
    Potentially toxic elements (PTE) in soil like copper (Cu) have been common in agricultural and mining areas worldwide. The sustainable remediation of these areas has been shown to have high socio-environmental relevance ...
  • Application of biohybrid silsesquioxane based material modified with methylene blue for determination of sulphite

    Freitas, Bianca Trama Autor UNESP; Freitas, Rebeca Moreira Lima; Rodrigues, Aline Bento Autor UNESP; Baroni, Abner Santos Autor UNESP; dos Reis, Idalci Cruvinel; dos Santos Felipe, Alexsandro Autor UNESP; Rodrigues, Beatriz Bento Autor UNESP; Barbosa, Priscila Fernanda Pereira Autor UNESP; Maraldi, Vitor Alexandre Autor UNESP; dos Santos Franco, Fernanda Autor UNESP et al. (International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 2023) [Artigo]
    Detecting organic and inorganic contaminants is one of the most important environmental concerns today. Consequently, the search for low-cost materials and efficient technologies for solving such a problem has increased, ...
  • Fractionalization of Majorana-Ising-type quasiparticle excitations

    Sanches, J. E. Autor UNESP; Lustosa, L. T. Autor UNESP; Ricco, L. S.; Shelykh, I. A.; De Souza, M. Autor UNESP; Figueira, M. S.; Seridonio, A. C. Autor UNESP (Physical Review B, 2023) [Artigo]
    We theoretically investigate the spectral properties of a quantum impurity (QI) hosting the here proposed Majorana-Ising-type quasiparticle excitation. It arises from the coupling between a finite topological superconductor ...
  • Evaluation of tensile, thermal, and biological properties of natural rubber-based biocomposite with biosilicate and 45S5-K bioglass

    Lima, Luiz R. M. Autor UNESP; Caetano, Guilherme F.; Soares, Viviane O.; Santos, Renivaldo J. Autor UNESP; Malmonge, José A. Autor UNESP; Silva, Michael J. Autor UNESP; Yarin, Alexander L. (Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2023) [Artigo]
    The objective of this work was to develop new NR-based biocomposite containing BioS and/or BL0 particles, which exhibit better tensile response, biocompatibility, and bioactivity for biomedical applications. Morphological, ...
  • Voltammetric and spectroscopic studies of water/formamide ratios in the production of the cerium (III) hexacyanoferrate (II) nanoparticles

    do Carmo, Devaney Ribeiro Autor UNESP; de Oliveira, Denys Ribeiro Autor UNESP (Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2023) [Artigo]
    The present study describes the simple and fast preparation of Cerium (III) hexacyanoferrate (II) (CeHCF) solid nanoparticles at three different water/formamide (%) ratios used as solvent (v/v) (100:0, 80:20, 0:100). CeHCF ...
  • Could nitrogen compounds be indicators of tolerance to high doses of Cu and Fe in the cultivation of Leucaena leucocephala?

    Bomfim, Nayane Cristina Pires Autor UNESP; Aguilar, Jailson Vieira Autor UNESP; Ferreira, Tassia Caroline Autor UNESP; de Souza, Lucas Anjos; Camargos, Liliane Santos Autor UNESP (Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 2023) [Artigo]
    Nitrogen metabolism and the production of primary and secondary metabolites vary according to biotic and abiotic factors such as trace elements (TE) stress, and can, therefore, be considered biomarkers. The present study ...
  • Synthesis of β-Arylbutenolides Mediated by BF 3·oMe 2

    Finêncio, Beatriz M. Autor UNESP; Santos, Fernanda A. Autor UNESP; Laurentiz, Rosangela S. Autor UNESP (Synlett, 2022) [Artigo]
    The reaction of phenols or aryl ethers with tetronic acid mediated by BF3·OMe2 was investigated. This strategy allowed for the preparation of β-(hydroxyaryl)butenolides and β-arylbutenolides in a single step in a simpler ...
  • Effect of Curing Modes on the Mechanical Properties of Commercial Dental Resin-Based Composites: Comparison between Different LEDs and Microwave Units

    Vermudt, Alef; Kuga, Milton Carlos Autor UNESP; Besegato, João Felipe Autor UNESP; Oliveira, Eliane Cristina Gulin de Autor UNESP; Leandrin, Thaís Piragine Autor UNESP; Só, Marcus Vinicius Reis; Moraes, João Carlos Silos Autor UNESP; Pereira, Jefferson Ricardo (Polymers, 2022) [Artigo]
    Resin-based composites (RBCs) have transformed restorative dentistry and its procedures. However, the characteristics of RBCs have been modified over the years to enhance the physical and chemical properties of the materials. ...
  • Larvicidal potential of extracts and isolated compounds from Piper cubeba fruits against Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) larvae

    Gomes, Ana Carolina Autor UNESP; Borges, Alexandre; Zoca, Daniela Garcia; Silva, Marcio Luís Andrade e; Machado, Aline Rafaela da Silva Rodrigues; Machado, Alex Martins; Santos, Mario F. C.; de Laurentiz, Rosangela da Silva Autor UNESP (Natural Product Research, 2022) [Artigo]
    Aedes aegypti is the primary vector of virus transmission that causes dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and zika. The primary prevention method has been vector control and synthetic insecticides that can cause environmental ...
  • In vivo schistosomicidal activity of (±)-licarin A-loaded poly(ε-caprolactone) nanoparticles

    Lima, Thais C.; Magalhães, Lizandra G.; de L. Paula, Lucas A.; Cunha, Wilson R.; Januário, Ana H.; Pauletti, Patricia M.; Bastos, Jairo K.; Mnuquian, Hallana Alves; Forim, Moacir R.; Morais-Urano, Raquel P. et al. (Experimental Parasitology, 2022) [Artigo]
    Schistosomiasis mansoni is an infectious parasitic disease caused by worms of the genus Schistosoma, and praziquantel (PZQ) is the medication available for the treatment of schistosomiasis. However, the existence of resistant ...
  • The Glass Transition Temperature in Dental Composites

    Moraes, J. C. S. Autor UNESP; Sostena, M. M. D. S. Autor UNESP; Grandini, C. R. Autor UNESP; Cuppoletti, J. (Metal, Ceramic And Polymeric Composites For Various Uses, 2011) [Artigo]
  • Biodegradable Hydrogel as Delivery Vehicle for the Controlled Release of Pesticide

    Aouada, Fauze Ahmad Autor UNESP; Moura, Marcia Regina de; Capparelli Mattoso, Luiz Henrique; Stoytcheva, M. (Pesticides - Formulations, Effects, Fate, 2011) [Artigo]
  • Production of Silver Nanoparticles Mediated by Aqueous Extracts of Tucuma (Astrocaryum aculeatum) Pulp

    Santos, Sidney S. dos; Couto, Ricardo A. A. de; Silva, Ingrid R. da; Aouada, Marcia Regina M. Autor UNESP; Costantino, Vera R. L.; Costa, Luiz P. da; Perotti, Gustavo F. (Journal Of The Brazilian Chemical Society, 2022) [Artigo]
    Tucuma (Astrocaryum aculeatum) pulp presents a large number of secondary metabolites that can mediate the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles through a greener and more sustainable synthetic route than traditional ones. ...

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