Model for asymptotic D-state parameters of light nuclei: Application to He4

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Adhikari, Sadhan K. [UNESP]
Frederico, T.
Goldman, I. D.
Sharma, S. Shelly
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A simple method for calculating the asymptotic D-state observables for light nuclei is suggested. The method exploits the dominant clusters of the light nuclei. The method is applied to calculate the He4 asymptotic D to S normalization ratio and the closely related D-state parameter D2. The study predicts a correlation between D2 and B, and between and B, where B is the binding energy of He4. The present study yields -0.14 and D2-0.12 fm2 consistent with the correct experimental d and the binding energies of the deuteron, triton, and the particle, where d is the deuteron D-state to S-state normalization ratio. © 1994 The American Physical Society.
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Physical Review C, v. 50, n. 2, p. 822-830, 1994.