Nanosystems against candidiasis: a review of studies performed over the last two decades

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Araujo, Victor Hugo Sousa [UNESP]
Duarte, Jonatas Lobato [UNESP]
Carvalho, Gabriela Corrêa [UNESP]
Silvestre, Amanda Letícia Polli [UNESP]
Fonseca-Santos, Bruno
Marena, Gabriel Davi [UNESP]
Ribeiro, Tais de Cassia [UNESP]
dos Santos Ramos, Matheus Aparecido [UNESP]
Bauab, Taís Maria [UNESP]
Chorilli, Marlus [UNESP]

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The crescent number of cases of candidiasis and the increase in the number of infections developed by non-albicans species and by multi-resistant strains has taken the attention of the scientific community, which has been searching for new therapeutic alternatives. Among the alternatives found the use of nanosystems for delivery of drugs already commercialized and new biomolecules have grown, in order to increase stability, solubility, optimize efficiency and reduce adverse effects. In view of the growing number of studies involving technological alternatives for the treatment of candidiasis, the present review came with the intention of gathering studies from the last two decades that used nanotechnology for the treatment of candidiasis, as well as analysing them critically and pointing out the future perspectives for their application with this purpose. Different studies were considered for the development of this review, addressing nanosystems such as metallic nanoparticles, mesoporous silica nanoparticles, polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes, nanoemulsion, microemulsion, solid lipid nanoparticle, nanostructured lipid carrier, lipidic nanocapsules and liquid crystals; and different clinical presentations of candidiasis. As a general overview, nanotechnology has proven to be an important ally for the treatment against the diversity of candidiasis found in the clinic, whether in increasing the effectiveness of commercialized drugs and reducing their adverse effects, as well as allowing exploring more effectively properties therapeutics of new biomolecules.



candidiasis, nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, therapeutic alternative

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Critical Reviews in Microbiology.