Towards an intelligent graphical interface for linear programming modelling

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Senne, Edson Luiz França [UNESP]
Lucas, Cormac
Taylor, Simon

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The increase of computing power of the microcomputers has stimulated the building of direct manipulation interfaces that allow graphical representation of Linear Programming (LP) models. This work discusses the components of such a graphical interface as the basis for a system to assist users in the process of formulating LP problems. In essence, this work proposes a methodology which considers the modelling task as divided into three stages which are specification of the Data Model, the Conceptual Model and the LP Model. The necessity for using Artificial Intelligence techniques in the problem conceptualisation and to help the model formulation task is illustrated.



Expert Systems, Graph-Based Linear Programming Modelling, Knowledge-Based Modelling, Linear Programming, Modelling Systems, Artificial intelligence, Data structures, Decision making, Expert systems, Knowledge based systems, Linear programming, Mathematical models, Microcomputers, Optimization, Conceptual model, Data model, Direct manipulation interfaces, Graphical user interfaces

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Journal of Intelligent Systems, v. 6, n. 1, p. 63-94, 1996.