On the development of a deployable cold plasma endoscope

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Winter, Jörn
Nishime, Thalita M.C. [UNESP]
Glitsch, Sven
Lühder, Heike
Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter
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A novel non-thermal atmospheric-pressure plasma jet source for endoscopic application is presented. Specific challenges in the endoscopic plasma source development, such as small dimensions, flexibility, operation in half-closed cavities, and the avoidance of in-tube plasma, are addressed. Besides plasma characterization of the jet freely operating in ambient air, special focus is laid on the investigation of in-cavity operation. In order to avoid saturation of the cavity atmosphere with the feed gas and at the same time allow a distinct jet formation, a second gas with electronegative properties is introduced as shielding gas. Depending on the flow rate ratios between feed gas and the shielding gas, arcing and jet-to-glow transition can be suppressed.
atmospheric-pressure plasma jet, cavity, endoscope, in-body operation
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Contributions to Plasma Physics, v. 58, n. 5, p. 404-414, 2018.