Modelling of the influence of the layer pollution thickness in high voltage polluted insulators

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do Prado, A. J. [UNESP]
Astorga, O. A M [UNESP]

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An experimental model and a mathematical model with the introduction of a ramp in the channel of Obenaus model are presented. The aim is to present a better reproduction of the real layer pollution deposited on the HV insulators. This better reproduction is obtained from two types of thickness variation: the introduction of a ramp (soft variation) and the introduction of a step (sudden variation). The computational simulations and the experimental data suggest that the introduction of the ramp is the better reproduction of the layer pollution. The ramp approximates to the real layer pollution more than the step.



Algorithms, Approximation theory, Computational methods, Computer simulation, Electric discharges, Electric resistance, Flashover, Geometry, Mathematical models, Pollution, High voltage polluted insulators, Obenaus model, Voltage polarity, Electric insulating materials

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IEEE International Conference on Conduction & Breakdown in Solid Dielectrics, p. 508-512.