Transmission behavior of B chromosomes in Prochilodus lineatus (Characiformes, Prochilodontidae)

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Penitente, Manolo [UNESP]
Daniel, Sandro N. [UNESP]
Senhorini, José A.
Foresti, Fausto [UNESP]
Porto-Foresti, Fábio [UNESP]

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The population of Prochilodus lineatus found in the Mogi-Guaçu River is karyotypically polymorphic, carrying acrocentric, metacentric, and submetacentric B chromosomes. The analysis of each B chromosome frequency in this species revealed a variation in the distribution pattern, with the metacentric type having the highest frequency (73.30%), followed by submetacentric (25.22%) and acrocentric B chromosomes (1.48%). The transmission pattern of the supernumerary chromosomes was identified by controlled crosses, and it was shown that the acro- and submetacentric B chromosomes have a transmission pattern below the Mendelian rate (kB = 0.333 and kB = 0.385, respectively), but the metacentric variant has a cumulative transmission pattern (kB = 0.587). These results indicate that the acro- and submetacentric B chromosomes are undergoing an extinction process, while the metacentric B chromosomes appear to be accumulating in frequency with each generation.



Cytogenetic, Inheritance, Mendelian rate, Supernumerary chromosomes

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Cytogenetic and Genome Research, v. 147, n. 2-3, p. 179-185, 2016.