Phylogenetic relationships in Kumanoa (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) species in Brazil with the proposal of Kumanoa amazonensis sp nov.

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Necchi, Orlando [UNESP]
Vis, Morgan L.
Oliveira, Mariana C.

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Int Phycological Soc


This Study evaluated the species-level taxonomy and phylogenetic relationship among Kumanoa species from Brazil with other regions of the world based on the plastid-encoded RUBISCO large Subunit gene (rhcL). Partial rbcL sequences were obtained for 11 Kulnanoa specimens. Eight species are recognised from Brazil on the basis of molecular and morphological data: seven previously described (K abilii, K ambignia, K. breviarticulata, K. cipoensis, K. equisetoidea, K. globospora and K procarpa) and a new species here proposed (K. amazonensis sp. nov. Necchi & Vis). The new species has reduced and dense whorls but differs from the two closest related species in lacking secondary fascicles. Previously proposed infrageneric categories were not supported by the molecular data. Species described and endemic (K. breviarticulata, K. cipoensis, K equiseloidea and K. procarpa) to Brazil are not grouped together but are variously related to other species from North America, Europe and Australasia. With the species recognised in this study using molecular and morphological data and those previously distinguished by morphology, 13 species of Kumanoa are Currently documented from Brazil.



Batrachospermales, section Controta, Fresh water, Rhodophyta, Kumanoa, Kumanoa amazonensis, rhcL

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Phycologia. Lawrence: Int Phycological Soc, v. 49, n. 1, p. 97-103, 2010.