Artificial and Natural Sweeteners: Chemical and Biological Properties, Production Processes and Potential Harmful Effects

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Brazilian Chemical Soc


There are indications of the use of substances with sweetening properties since the Stone Age (Prehistory), whether in their natural species such as honey, pulps of figs and dates or, more recently, in food additives, such as artificial or natural sweeteners produced and commercialized with the purpose of replacing sugar. In this review, the historical aspects, as well as the most diverse sources of sugar and information on its manufacturing and refining process, the use of sweeteners throughout history, more specifically the natural and artificial types, information on the process of production and effects on the body, the nutritional aspects involved, the diseases that can be caused by the excessive consumption of sugar or sweeteners and the possible consequences of a diet without sugar consumption will be addressed. Keywords: Sweeteners; Sugars; Dietary foods; Nutritional aspects.



Sweeteners, Sugars, Dietary foods, Nutritional aspects

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Revista Virtual De Quimica. Niteroi: Brazilian Chemical Soc, v. 12, n. 5, p. 1278-1318, 2020.