First record along the Uruguayan coast of the largest sea nettle jellyfish, Chrysaora plocamia (Lesson, 1830) (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa)

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Stampar, S�rgio N. [UNESP]
Rosa, Fernanda C. [UNESP]
Ortega, Leonardo
Leoni, Valentina
Scarabino, Fabrizio
Beneti, Julia S.
Abreu, Martin
Morandini, Andr� C.
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Chrysaora plocamia is one of the 15 species of the jellyfish genus Chrysaora. This species has an unusualdistribution pattern, occurring on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America. It is distributed along the southeastern Pacific Ocean, encompassing coastal areas of Peru and Chile, and reaching the Patagonian coast of Argentina in the southwestern Atlantic. During two separate events, two large specimens of Chrysaora were collected on the east coast of Uruguay at La Paloma. Based on morphology and molecular data, these specimens were identified as Chrysaora plocamia. These records are described along with oceanographic features observed at that time. Unusual oceanographic and atmospheric conditions may explain the presence of these specimens 1,100 km north of the current northernmost known distribution.
Oceanography, South atlantic, Taxonomy
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Check List, v. 12, n. 4, 2016.