Influence of the Quantum Effect on the GAA Nanosheet NMOS from 200oC down to -100oC

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Leal, Joao V. C.
Agopian, Paula G. D. [UNESP]
Martino, Joao A.

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The quantum effect on the Gate-All-Around Nanosheet (GAA NS) NMOS devices are studied in this paper from 200oC down to -100oC. The experimental results for different channel lengths (down to 28 nm) are used from 200oC to room temperature and the behavior down to -100oC is extrapolated using calibrated TCAD simulation. The quantum confinement is present in all devices, but only for the height h = 5nm case its contribution for the threshold voltage increase is more relevant. This increment is constant with the temperature, but it becomes proportionally more important for higher temperatures due to the VT decrease in such conditions. The subthreshold swing is not affected by the quantum model and its value is close to (kT/q)ln(10) in all cases, with the best results obtained for the lowest device height.



Gaa, Nanosheet, Quantum effect, Subthreshold swing, Temperature, Threshold voltage

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SBMicro 2021 - 35th Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices.