Totally visible transparent chloro-sulphide glasses based on Ga2S3-GeS2-CsCI

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Natl Inst Optoelectronics


In this paper, the influence on optical properties of alkali halides such as CsCl in a covalent glassy matrix has been investigated. Chalcogenide glasses belonging to the (GeS2)-(Ga2S3)-CsCI system with high ratio of CsCl present an entire transparency in the visible range. These glasses maintain good transmission up to 12 mu m. Furthermore, the thermo-mechanical properties and the glass hygroscopicity have been investigated as function of the CsCl amount. This new generation of glasses presents a great interest for optical application. They could be used both for passive applications (multi-spectral imaging) and active applications for rare-earth doping due to their good transmission in the visible range, increasing optical pumping possibilities.



chalcogenide, halide, glass, visible transmission

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Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials. Bucharest-magurele: Natl Inst Optoelectronics, v. 9, n. 12, p. 3751-3755, 2007.