A cultura da cana-de-açúcar como fator de risco para os córregos e as nascentes

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The survey of land use and occupation has become very important to know and determine the main crops of the region, because human activities can profoundly change the features of a native landscape. In this context, this study aimed to analyze land use in the Fazenda Serra Negra drainage basin, Botucatu, São Paulo, from 1962 to 2014, in order to investigate the influence of different cultures on the drainage systems and springs in the basin. This basin is located between coordinates 22º46’42” to 22°48’'12”S latitude and 48°24’04” to 48°25’54”W longitude, covering an area of 963.97 ha. Through this study, it was possible to see that the existing streams in 1962 gave room to sugarcane growing, leaving only traces of the drainage system; it can also be seen that the plain suffered a decrease due to the building of a drain network.



Aerial images, Hydrographic basin, Land use

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IRRIGA, v. 21, n. 1, p. 202-210, 2016.