Schooling does not influences physical activity level in older people

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Basic functionality and physical activity level are commonly impaired by aging, and can be influenced by depressive symptoms, global cognitive state and schooling. Purpose: to analyze relationship between schooling and basic functionality, physical activity level, depressive symptoms and global cognitive state in physically active older people. Method: 53 physically active older people, both genders, answered to Physical Activity Level Baecke Questionnaire, Katz Scale of Basic Functionality, Mini-Exam of State Mental and Geriatric Depressive Scale. It was used Spearman coefficient of correlation (p≤0,05). Results: it was found significant correlation only between schooling and global cognitive state; physical activity level, basic functionality and depressive symptoms did not correlate to schooling. Conclusion: schooling did not influence physical activity level, basic functionality or depressive symptoms, but it correlated to global cognitive state, according with literature, exerting a protective function.



Aged, Cognition, Education, Motor activity

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Motriz. Revista de Educacao Fisica, v. 17, n. 1, p. 202-208, 2011.