Modelo de referência para o processo de desenvolvimento de produtos de empresas eletrônicas de base tecnológica de médio porte

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Salgado, E. G.
Salomon, V. A.P. [UNESP]
Mello, C. H.P.
Silva, C. E.S.D.

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Ieee-inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc


New Product development (NPD) is getting even more significant to the entrepreneurship competitiveness due to the increasing market internationalization, to the product diversity and variety and the reduction of the product life cycle. This present work has as its main goal to propose a reference model adapted to NPD of technology-based companies (TBC) that produce electronics. This research follows a combined methodology approach, that is, a qualitative-quantitative approach. First, a qualitative approach is applied with the study of multiple cases in order to identify the NPD features based on electronics manufacturing. Then, a qualitative approach is employed with application on multi-criterion decision-making method as to select macro-phases, phases and activities from the proposed model for NPD. Finally, studies of multiple cases are carried out to verify the proposed model adequacy. The results analyses suggests that the proposed model may be considered convenient.



Analytic Hierarchy Process, Medium-sized electronics companies, New product development, Technology-based companies

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IEEE Latin America Transactions, v. 12, n. 8, p. 1341-1348, 2014.