Pro-poor innovations to promote instrumental freedoms: A systematic literature review

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Rojas Luiz, Octaviano [UNESP]
Mariano, Enzo Barberio [UNESP]
da Silva, Hermes Moretti Ribeiro [UNESP]

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Through a systematic literature review, this article aims to evaluate the impacts of various concepts of pro-poor innovations (PPI) on the five instrumental freedoms in Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach. For this, 165 articles were analysed to summarize the main influences of the pro-poor innovation on each type of instrumental freedom: political freedoms, economic facilities, transparency guarantees, social opportunities, and protective security. In general, the results indicate a positive influence of the innovation concepts for distinct types of freedom, with emphasis on the expansion of social opportunities and economic facilities.



Capability approach, Frugal innovation, Grassroots innovation, Human development, Literature review, Pro-poor innovation

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Sustainability (Switzerland), v. 13, n. 24, 2021.