Novel inexpensive fungi proteases: Production by solid state fermentation and characterization

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Novelli, Paula Kern [UNESP]
Barros, Margarida Maria [UNESP]
Fleuri, Luciana Francisco [UNESP]

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A comparative study was carried out for proteases production using agroindustrial residues as substrate for solid state fermentation (SSF) of several fungal strains. High protease production was observed for most of the microorganisms studied, as well as very different biochemical characteristics, including activities at specific temperatures and a wide range of pH values. The enzymes produced were very different regarding optimum pH and they showed stability at 50°C. Aspergillus oryzae showed stability at all pH values studied. Penicillium roquefortii and Aspergillus flavipes presented optimum activity at temperatures of 50°C and 90°C, respectively. Lyophilized protease from A. oryzae reached 1251.60 U/g and yield of 155010.66 U/kg of substrate. Therefore, the substrate as well as the microorganism strain can modify the biochemical character of the enzyme produced. The high protease activity and stability established plus the low cost of substrates, make these fungal proteases potential alternatives for the biotechnological industry.



Agro-industrial residues, Biochemical characteristics, Fungal protease, Solid state fermentation

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Food Chemistry, v. 198, p. 119-124.