Avaliação do efeito da temperatura na deslignificação com o oxigênio nas propriedades do papel

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Pereira, Felipo Augusto [UNESP]

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Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)


The deslignification with oxygen, also denominated pre-O2, consists in a whitening stage, which consists of accomplishing an oxidation of the lignin, and remove it with the alkali, providing a larger earnings in the bleaching of the pulp. The pre-O2 is a process already very established, where a significant part of the cellulose of whitened short fiber produced nowadays suffers deslignification for this method. The conditions of work of this stage contemplate directly in the results of the deslignification level, in the physical, optical and mechanics properties of the pulp, and consequently of the paper, because this is important to know their effects fully. The main variables related to the control of this process are respectively: pressure and oxygen load, alkaline load, consistence, time and temperature, being this last variable was the study focus in this work. The objective of the work was to analyze the effect of the variation of the temperature in the oxygen whitening along every bleaching process of the pulp, refine and in the optical, physics and mechanics properties of the paper. The development of the work was based in four temperature levels (90, 95, 100 and 105°C) combined to two whitening sequences (OD0(E+P)D1P and OAHTD0(E+P)D1P). The results obtained in the oxygen deslignification stage indicated that the elevation of the temperature contemplated in increases of the whiteness, deslignification efficiency and in the viscosity loss allied to the reduction of the selectivity of the process. In the remaining of the whitening, the sequence that included the acid hydrolysis presented values slightly inferior of whiteness, kappa number, viscosity and yield in relation to the other sequence when compared with the samples of same temperatures. Already the physical tests showed that the sequence with acid stage amplifies the values of capillary... (Complete abstract click electronic access below)



Papel, Branqueamento, Polpa de madeira - Branqueamento, Celulose, Temperatura, Tecnologia quimica

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PEREIRA, Felipo Augusto. Avaliação do efeito da temperatura na deslignificação com o oxigênio nas propriedades do papel. 2010. . Trabalho de conclusão de curso ( bacharelado - Engenharia Industrial Madeireira) - Universidade Estadual Paulista, Campus Experimental de Itapeva, 2010.