FUT3 and FUT2 genotyping and glycoconjugate profile Lewis b as a protective factor to Toxoplasma gondii infection

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The interaction between the ABO, FUT2 and FUT3 genes results in the synthesis of different glycoconjugates profiles expressed in gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis, utilizes this organ as an infection route. We analyzed the frequencies of the different glycoconjugate profiles which were determined by phenotyping ABO and genotyping the status secretor (FUT2; substitution G428A) and Lewis (FUT3; substitution T202C and C314T) histo-blood systems, assessed by PCR-RFLP and PCR-SSP, respectively. A total of 244 pregnant women (G1: Seropositive; G2: Seronegative) for IgG T. gondii antibodies were enrolled. IgG anti-T. gondii antibodies were determined by ELISA. G1 was composed of 158 (64.8%) sample and G2 by 86 (36.2%). The glycoconjugate profile was accessed in 151 seropositive and 85 seronegative samples by the combination of ABO and Lewis phenotyping as well as FUT2 and FUT3 genotyping. In G1, 36 (22.8%) presented the glycoconjugate profile ALe b , 5 (3.3%) A, 13 (8.6) BLe b , 1 (0.6%) B, 41 (27.1%) Le b , 13(8.6%) H, 38(25.2%) Le a and 4 (2.6%) Le c . G2 was composed of 13 (15.3%) of ALe b , 15 (17.6%) BLe b , 1 (1.2%) B, 42 (49,4%) Le b and 14 (16.5) Le a . H and Le c glycoconjugate profiles were not found in G2. The frequencies of the glycoconjugates profiles Le b (p = 0.001) and H (p = 0.005) were significantly different compared between G1 and G2. The glycoconjugate profile H inferred from the ABO phenotyping and FUT3 and FUT2 genotyping is associated with infection by T. gondii in pregnant women and the Le b profile appears to protect the infection by this parasite.




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Acta Tropica, v. 193, p. 92-98.

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