Evaluating the effects of high penetrations of roof-top wind Turbines on secondary distribution circuits

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Incentives for using wind power and the increasing price of energy might generate in a relatively short time a scenario where low voltage customers opt to install roof-top wind turbines. This paper focuses on evaluating the effects of such situation in terms of energy consumption, loss reduction, reverse power flow and voltage profiles. Various commercially-available roof-top wind turbines are installed in two secondary distribution circuits considering real-life wind speed data and seasonal load demand. Results are presented and discussed. © 2006 IEEE.



distributed generation, distribution networks, line losses, power flow, roof-top wind turbines, Distribution circuits, Line loss, Load demand, Loss reduction, Low voltages, Power flows, Reverse Power flows, Voltage profile, Wind speed data, Distributed power generation, Electric power distribution, Energy utilization, Wind power, Wind turbines, Roofs

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2006 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition: Latin America, TDC'06.