Power flow optimization for grid connected inverter using evolutionary algorithm and additional control loop

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In this work it is proposed to validate an evolutionary tuning algorithm in plants composed by a grid connected inverter. The optimization aims the tuning of the slopes of P-Ω and Q-V curves so that the system is stable, damped and minimum settling time. Simulation and experimental results are presented to prove the feasibility of the proposed approach. However, experimental results demonstrate a compromising effect of grid frequency oscillations in the active power transferring. In addition, it was proposed an additional loop to compensate this effect ensuring a constant active power flow. © 2011 IEEE.



grid-connected operation, Inverters, modeling, optimization, power oscillations minimization, Active power, Active power flow, Additional control, Evolutionary tuning, Grid connected inverters, Grid frequency oscillations, Grid-connected operation, Power flows, Power oscillations, Settling time, Electric inverters, Models, Optimization, Power electronics, Tuning, Evolutionary algorithms

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COBEP 2011 - 11th Brazilian Power Electronics Conference, p. 422-427.