Mercury in soils and sediments from gold mining liabilities in Southern Amazonia

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Wasserman, Julio Cesar
Campos, Reinaldo Calixto
Hacon, Sandra de Souza
Farias, Renato A. [UNESP]
Caires, Sandro M.

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Sociedade Brasileira de Química


The 1980-1990 Amazonian gold rush left an enormous liability that increasingly has been substituted by developing fish aquaculture. This work aimed at the identification of the mercury levels in the environment, associated with fish farms located in the North of Mato Grosso State, Southern Amazon. Sediment and soil samples were analyzed for total organic carbon and total mercury. Results indicate that the chemical characteristics of the sediment largely depend on the management procedures of the fish pond (liming, fish food used and fish population). The soils presented relatively low concentrations when compared with other data from the literature.



mercury, fish farm, Amazon

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Química Nova. Sociedade Brasileira de Química, v. 30, n. 4, p. 768-773, 2007.