A naturalização das queixas escolares em periódicos científicos: Contribuições da Psicologia histórico-cultural

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Leonardo, Nilza Sanches Tessaro
Leal, Záira Fátima de Rezende Gonzalez
Rossato, Solange Pereira Marques [UNESP]

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For the development of this study we carried through, a research on scientific papers, through national and international indexers. We selected articles that dealt with the school complaint/failure (learning difficulty). With the study we aim at verifying the theoretical perspectives and the conceptions of school complaint/failure in the current articles. The 77 articles selected have been structuralized by means of categories and analyzed from point of view of Historical-Cultural Psychology. The results had revealed that the conceptions that point the reflections on the school complaint/failure are centered on the individual (67%), aiming the institutional question (9%), related to the professional formation (5%), and not centered on the individual (19%). Regarding the theoretical perspective, there is the prominence of the non-critical one (65%). We emphasize that the scientific works must contribute to clarify the belief that the children and adolescents with learning difficulties are naturally unsuccessful. Besides, we argue that it is necessary to interrogate why so many studies (papers) still have as focus on school failure.



Academic failure, Historical-cultural psychology, Learning difficulties

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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional, v. 19, n. 1, p. 163-171, 2015.