l-amino acid oxidase from Bothrops marajoensis causes nephrotoxicity in isolated perfused kidney and cytotoxicity in MDCK renal cells

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Dantas, Rodrigo Tavares
Jorge, Antônio Rafael Coelho
Jorge, Roberta Jeane Bezerra
Menezes, Ramon Róseo Paula Pessoa Bezerra de
Lima, Danya Bandeira
Torres, Alba Fabíola Costa
Toyama, Marcos Hikari [UNESP]
Monteiro, Helena Serra Azul
Martins, Alice Maria Costa
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Elsevier B. V.
Renal alterations caused by Bothrops venom and its compounds are studied to understand these effects and provide the best treatment. Previously, we studied the renal effect of the whole venom of Bothrops marajoensis and its phospholipase A2 (PLA2), but these effects could not to be attributed to PLA2. To continue the study, we report in this short communication the effects of l-amino acid oxidase from B. marajoensis venom (LAAOBm) on renal function parameter alterations observed in the same model of isolated perfused kidney, as well as the cytotoxic effect on renal cells. LAAOBm caused a decrease in PP, RVR, UF, GFR, %TNa(+) and %TCl(-), very similar to the effects of whole venom using the same model. We also demonstrated its cytotoxicity in MDCK cells with IC50 of 2.5 μg/mL and late apoptotic involvement demonstrated by flow cytometry assays. In conclusion, we suggested that LAAOBm is a nephrotoxic compound of B. marajoensis venom.
Bothrops marajoensis venom, Laao, Nephrotoxicity
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Toxicon : Official Journal Of The International Society On Toxinology, v. 104, p. 52-56, 2015.