Demystifying the challenges and barriers to manage, develop, and transfer clean and green technologies in Brazilian academic research groups: Some empirical evidence

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Jabbour, Charbel Jose Chiappetta [UNESP]
Jabbour, Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa [UNESP]

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This work presents empirical evidence of the main challenges in managing/leading academic research groups on clean and green technologies in Brazilian universities. We also present evidence about the main barriers to the effective creation of innovation and technology transfer of these clean and green technologies. Empirical evidence come from PhD researchers/academics who lead/manage official research groups on clean (environmental, green) technologies. Results show the following: (a) The main challenges of managing research groups are the lack of an innovative culture, the lack of partnership with an industrial sector, and the necessity of keeping laboratories updated; (b) the main barriers to innovation and technology transfer are difficulties in not having enough researchers and staff members, assessments of academic performance that do not consider innovation, and an uncertain national legislation on clean technology. Based on these and others’ findings, we suggest that policymakers working on clean and green technologies pay attention to act and develop initiatives focusing on the following: providing direct financial support for laboratory improvement, linking academics and practitioners from the industrial sector, and providing training and development programs on clean and green technologies’ legislation and financial issues, such as the payoff of clean and green technologies and opportunities from green investors.



Clean and green technologies, emerging economies, policymakers, research groups, research policy

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International Journal of Green Energy, v. 13, n. 9, p. 907-910, 2016.