Structure and Properties of Barium Bismuth Titanate Prepared by Mechanochemical Synthesis

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Bi4Ti4O15 [BBT], a member of Aurivillius bismuth-based layer-structure perovskites, was prepared from stoichiometric amounts of BaTiO3 [BT] and Bi4Ti3O12 [BIT] obtained via mechanochemical synthesis. Mechanochemical synthesis was performed in air atmosphere in a planetary ball mill. BBT ceramics were sintered at 1100C for 4 h without pre-calcination step within heating rate 10C/min. The formation of phase and crystal structure of BT, BIT and BBT were approved using X-ray analysis. The morphology of obtained powders and microstructure were exhamined using scanning electron microscopy. The electrical properties of sintered samples were carried out.



Mechanochemical synthesis, Aurivillius phase, BaBi4Ti4O15

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Ferroelectrics. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis Ltd, v. 368, p. 383-391, 2008.