Custo e lucratividade da produção de sementes de soja enriquecidas com molibdênio


The search for new technologies that reduce costs to produce seeds is very important. This study aimed to analyze the economic viability of producing soybean seeds enriched with molybdenum. The BRS Valiosa RR cultivar was used and four molybdenum doses (0 g ha-1, 200 g ha-1, 400 g ha-1 and 800 g ha-1) were applied on leaves as it follows: half in the R3 and half in the R5-4 development stages. The total operating cost, gross revenue, operating profit, profitability index, break-even yield and break-even price were estimated. The results showed that the molybdenum foliar application is an economically viable way of producing molybdenum-enriched soybean seeds.



BRS Valiosa RR cultivar, Glycine max (L.) Merrill, Micronutrient

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Pesquisa Agropecuaria Tropical, v. 45, n. 1, p. 82-88, 2015.