The documents production study and organizational memory in business environments

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Univ Federal Rio Grande Sul, Fac Biblioteconomia & Comunicacao


The study of document production allows the archivist to understand which functions and activities are materialized in documents. It is through this study that the document management begins, also enabling the implementation of information management, knowledge management and organizational memory. The objective of this work is to identify how organizational memory contributes to companies and how the document production contributes to the preservation of organizational memory. This work is a qualitative research, exploratory, using as a methodological procedure the bibliographic research. It is evident that organizational memory is closely linked to the information management and knowledge management; it is through its memory that the repositories are transformed into repertoires of knowledge, that support the decision-making process ensuring that organizations gain competitive advantage. As a result, it is understood that the study of documentary production and its context is what will give support to professionals develop organizational memory in enterprise environments.



Organizational Memory, Document Production, Business Environments, Information Management, Knowledge Management

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Em Questao. Porto Alegre: Univ Federal Rio Grande Sul, Fac Biblioteconomia & Comunicacao, v. 23, n. 1, p. 202-227, 2017.