PSP support component integrated into a web project management environment


Studies show that the unsatisfactory results in software projects are often related to the lack of training and commitment of human resources. In this context, this paper presents a proposal that integrates the employment of the practices proposed by the Personal Software Process (PSP) into the context of project management, aiming to support the self-improvement and commitment of each human resource, helping to manage their individual goals, which contributes to the success of projects as a whole. For this purpose, a PSP support component was created and integrated into a web project management environment, called System to Aid Project Managing (SAPM). The results were evaluated in two steps: a comparative analysis between the new version of SAPM and PSP support tools available in the market and an evaluation by a group of 22 participants, including project managers and software developers. The results revealed that the component built is broader than other tools, with the differential of bringing benefits in the context of project management.



Personal software process, Project management, Web-based tool

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, SEKE, v. 2014-January, n. January, p. 516-521, 2014.