Proposal of a Dedicated Telemetry Device for Real-Time and Remote Measurements

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This work aims to demonstrate an application of telemetry for monitoring process variables. The authors developed the prototype of a dedicated device capable of multiplexing, encoding and transmitting real-time data signals via amplitude-shift keying modulation to remotely located device(s). The prototype development is described in details, enabling the reproduction of the proposed telemetry system for a three-phase motor as well as for other devices. Furthermore, the proposed device has an easy implementation by using of accessible components and low cost, also presenting a tutorial and educational purpose.



Telemetry of process variables, dedicated systems, switching power supplies, multiplexing and encoding of data signals, RF circuits, amplitude-shift keying modulation

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2011 6th Ieee Conference On Industrial Electronics And Applications (iciea). New York: Ieee, p. 2552-2557, 2011.