Effect of electron exchange in positronium-hydrogen scattering

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The elastic and inelastic scattering of ortho-positronium (Ps) by the hydrogen atom have been investigated using a three-Ps-state close-coupling approximation. The higher (n greater than or equal to 3) excitations and ionization of the Ps atom are treated within the framework of the Born approximation. In both cases the effect of electron exchange has been included by a parameter-free nonlocal model potential derived from an antisymmetrization of the wavefunction followed by the removal of nonorthogonality. Calculations are reported of scattering lengths,phase shifts, and of elastic, Ps excitation, and total cross sections. The trend of present target elastic total cross section agrees qualitatively with available experimental results on Ps-impact scattering.



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Journal of Physics B-atomic Molecular and Optical Physics. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 31, n. 14, p. 3147-3154, 1998.