TORP: An open standard framework for humanoid robots

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Humanoid robots are an extremely complex interdisciplinary research field. Particularly, the development of high size humanoid robots usually requires joint efforts and skills from groups that are in many different research centers around the world. However, there are serious constraints in this kind of collaborative development. Some efforts have been made in order to propose new software frameworks that can allow distributed development with also some degree of hardware abstraction, allowing software reuse in successive projects. However, computation represents only one of the dimensions in robotics tasks, and the need for reuse and exchange of full robot modules between groups are growing. Large advances could be reached if physical parts of a robot could be reused in a different robot constructed with other technologies by other researcher or group. This paper proposes a new robot framework, from now on called TORP (The Open Robot Project), that aims to provide a standard architecture in all dimensions (electrical, mechanical and computational) for this collaborative development. This methodology also represents an open project that is fully shared. In this paper, the first robot constructed following the TORP specification set is presented as well as the advances proposed for its improvement. © 2010 IEEE.



Collaborative development, Distributed development, Humanoid robot, Interdisciplinary research, Open Standards, Research center, Software frameworks, Software Re-use, Standard architecture, Anthropomorphic robots, Computer software reusability, Research, Robotics, Standardization

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Proceedings - 2010 Latin American Robotics Symposium and Intelligent Robotics Meeting, LARS 2010, p. 49-54.