Formación de profesores en la perspectiva de la educación inclusiva en Brasil

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De Andrade Louzada, Juliana Cavalcante
De Oliveira Martins, Sandra Eli Sartoreto [UNESP]
Giroto, Claudia Regina Mosca [UNESP]

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The objective of this article is to analyze the disciplines that address legal regulations on teacher training, according to the perspective of inclusive education. Data were analyzed by consulting online the undergraduate plans of study for human science, biological science, and exact science, in three public Brazilian universities. A search for radicals was used to map the frequency of the mentioned topics. The results showed a greater presence of disciplines related to inclusive education in the humanities, especially in the Lengua Brasileña de Señales (libras). The conclusion was that teachers face numerous challenges in addressing the educational demands in common schools of students who are disabled, have developmental disorders, or are academically gifted.



Brazil, Inclusive education, Public policies, Special education, Teacher training

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Revista Mexicana de Investigacion Educativa, v. 20, n. 64, p. 95-122, 2015.