O Papel Pedagógico das Artes e das Mídias Digitais na Prática do Currículo de Matemática de Ontário

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Da Silva, Ricardo Scucuglia Rodrigues [UNESP]
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I have investigated interfaces about the arts and digital media in mathematics education, conceptualizing the notion of digital mathematical performance (DMP). In this article, I discuss connections between: (a) the mathematical strands and processes of the K-8 Ontario Mathematics Curriculum in Canada, and; (b) DMP produced by students. Based on the analysis of twenty-two DMP, I argue that DMP may offer ways to: (1) explore most of the mathematical processes of the Ontario Curriculum, and; (2) open windows into the exploration of math contents. I highlight the educational significance in practicing DMP as an innovative process that integrates multimodality, playfulness, and creativity. In contrast, I have found that the production of DMP does not guarantee the in-depth connection between the math strands and processes of the Curriculum. Generally, students explored contents about Geometry, which is not surprising, regarding the visual nature of both: geometrical and digital media representations.
Digital Mathematical Performance, Digital Videos, Mathematics Education, Multimodality
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Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, v. 29, n. 53, p. 1043-1065, 2015.