Total cross section measurements with π- , Σ- and protons on nuclei and nucleons around 600 GeV/c

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Dersch, U.
Akchurin, N.
Andreev, V. A.
Atamantchouk, A. G.
Aykac, M.
Balatz, M. Y.
Bondar, N. F.
Bravar, A.
Cooper, P. S.
Dauwe, L. J.

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Total cross sections for Σ- and π- on beryllium, carbon, polyethylene and copper as well as total cross sections for protons on beryllium and carbon have been measured in a broad momentum range around 600GeV/c . These measurements were performed with a transmission technique in the SELEX hyperon-beam experiment at Fermilab. We report on results obtained for hadron-nucleus cross sections and on results for σtot(Σ-N) and σtot(π-N) , which were deduced from nuclear cross sections. © 2000 Elsevier Science B.V.



13.75.Ev, 13.75.Gx, 13.85.-t, 13.85.Lg, 24.10.Ht, Glauber model, Hyperon reactions, Total cross sections

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Nuclear Physics B, v. 579, n. 1-2, p. 277-312, 2000.