Distance learning for training business game bom burguer tutors

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This work is result of research that proposes incorporation of Distance Learning to Business Game Bom Burguer as strategy to enhance tutors training considering difficulties presented by public school’s teacher about entrepreneurship. Part of this could be attributed to curricular grade, because, in general, it is not common to find entrepreneurship in it. The Distance Learning activities was developed using Moodle platform and structured in topics to increase educational flexibility and achieve better balance between individual reflection and online discussion. It developed in four steps: course content development; course evaluation by computer technicians; course restructuring based on course evaluation by computer technicians; course evaluation by teachers from the public school system. A preliminary test was performed with informatics technicians to evaluate learning environment technically. Based on this, the course was restructured, applying corrections and adjustments to make better usability of environment. After corrections, a final test was conducted with public school system teacher to analyse user perception, having a positive result. Virtual learning environment evaluation is complex and multidisciplinary, requires technical knowledge of programming for internet and conceptual knowledge about education, especially in the field of learning. When examined the evaluation done by teachers, it was found that deficiencies pointed out by computer technicians have been resolved, given positive rating. Concluded then that Bom Burguer game can comply with an important function in Brazilian educational scenario because it allows the noncurricular use, as a complementary activity, disengaged from classroom. Now enriched with Distance Learning environment, become even more accessible as it could be used both to educate tutors and students.




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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education, v. 6, p. 581-587.

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