Skin diseases reported by workers from UNESP campus at Rubiao Jr, Botucatu-SP (Brazil)


There are few populational studies to estimate the dimension of dermatological diseases. We performed a survey with 515 employees from UNESP campus, Botucatu (SP), exploring demographic data, medical appointments and dermatological diagnoses. Additionally, we induced questions about prevalent diseases. Appointments to the dermatologist were reported by 77% of subjects. The main dermatoses spontaneously reported were mycoses, allergies, nevi and viral warts. There were association of juvenile acne and males (OR=2.3), melasma and females (OR=8.0), and onychomycosis with older age (OR=1.05). Surveys are important to know the demand for dermatology care, besides directing formulation of public health policy and medical education.



Acne vulgaris, Alopecia, Epidemiology, Melanosis, Nail diseases, Onychomycosis, Prevalence, Skin diseases

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Anais Brasileiros De Dermatologia. Rio De Janeiro Rj: Soc Brasileira Dermatologia, v. 89, n. 3, p. 529-531, 2014.