Pauli nonlocality in heavy-ion rainbow scattering: A further test of the folding model


Nonlocal interactions are an intrinsically quantum phenomenon. In this work we point out that, in the context of heavy ions, such interactions can be studied through the refractive elastic scattering of these systems at intermediate energies. We show that most of the observed energy dependence of the local equivalent bare potential arises from the exchange nonlocality. The nonlocality parameter extracted from the data was found to be very close to the one obtained from folding models. The effective mass of the colliding, heavy-ion, system was found to be close to the nucleon effective mass in nuclear matter.



Electron energy levels, Ions, Mathematical models, Nuclear physics, Quantum theory, Heavy ions, Nonlocal interactions, Pauli nonlocality, Electron scattering

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Physical Review Letters, v. 78, n. 17, p. 3270-3273, 1997.