Electronic Perspective on the Electrochemistry of Prussian Blue Films

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Electrochemical Soc Inc


The derivative of the voltabsommetric scans, together with previous nano-electrogravimetric and X-ray diffraction results, allow different electrochemical processes to be distinguished during the Prussian blue (PB) voltammetric scan. Potassium, proton, and hydrated proton counterions involved in PB electrochemistry are related here to the electrochemical reactions of specific Fe sites. Potassium counterions show two different sites for their insertion: one located in the crystalline framework and another in ferrocyanide vacancies. From the monitoring of electroactive Fe sites, the covalent-exchange model is suggested as one of the first approaches to explain the origin of the PB magnetic ordering observed at room temperature during voltammetric scanning.



electrochemistry, ion exchange, iron compounds, thin films, vacancies (crystal), voltammetry (chemical analysis), X-ray diffraction

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Journal of The Electrochemical Society. Pennington: Electrochemical Soc Inc, v. 156, n. 4, p. P74-P80, 2009.