Atribuição de turmas para professores via Beam Search em Java

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Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)


In the universities, before the start of each school year, is held the distribution of classes among available teachers. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the maximum workweek for each teacher and their preferences for each discipline, to prevent a teacher to give lessons in two separate locations at the same time and to avoid some teachers to become overloaded while others with large clearance. This process, manually performed, is time consuming and does not allow the visualization of other combinations of assignment of teachers to classes, besides being liable to error. This work aims to develop a decision support tool for the problem of assigning teachers to classes in college. The project encompasses the development of a computer program using the concepts of object orientation and a tree search algorithm of a combinatorial nature called Beam Search. The programming language used is Java and the program has a graphical interface for entering and manipulating data of the problem. Once obtained the schedule data of classes and teachers is possible, by means of the tool, perform various simulations and manual adjustments to achieve the final result. It is an efficient method of class scheduling, considering the speed of task execution and the fact that it generates only feasible results



Algoritmos de computador, Java (Linguagem de programação de computador)

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OHATA, Andressa Fernanda Saemi Matsubara. Atribuição de turmas para professores via Beam Search em Java. 2012. 1 CD-ROM. Trabalho de conclusão de curso (bacharelado - Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Estadual Paulista, Faculdade de Engenharia de Guaratinguetá, 2012.