The structure of personality: a study on Goldstein and Vygotsky

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Santos, Hernani Pereira dos
Martins, Joao Batista [UNESP]
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Univ Fed Rio Janeiro
This theoretical study aims for an understanding of the relationship between the ideas of Vygotsky and of Goldstein. Its objective is to present a rapprochement of the ideas of both authors through the exposition and analysis of the fundamental theses of each interpretative framework in what concerns the concept of personality. The study is composed of three parts. The first consists of an exposition of Gelb and Goldstein's researches on aphasia. The second consists of a presentation of general theses of Goldstein's organismic theory. The third part consists of an analysis of points of divergence and convergence of Vygotsky's theory with respect to certain Goldstein's claims. As a conclusion, it is argued that the two theories differ in terms of methodology and ontology, but that they complement each other, in different levels of complexity, and are close in their epistemological leitmotiv.
Kurt Goldstein, History of psychology, Personality, Lev Semenovich Vigotski
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Arquivos Brasileros De Psicologia. Rio De Janeiro: Univ Fed Rio Janeiro, v. 68, n. 2, p. 99-113, 2016.