Quantitative characterization of multi-phase materials by digital image processing

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De Azevedo Silva, Fernando [UNESP]
De Oliveira Hein, Luis Rogerio [UNESP]
Ammann, Jean-Jacques
Nazar, Ana Maria Martinez
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An automatic image processing and analysis characterization of multi-phase materials. For the development of this technique is used the Khoros system that offers the basic morphological tools and a flexible, visual programming language. These techniques are implemented in a highly user oriented image proceeeing environment that allows the user to adapt each stap of the processing 10 his special requirements. To illustrate the implementation and performance of this technique, images of two different materials are processed for microstructure characterization. The result is presented through the determination of volume fraction of the different phases or precipitates.
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Praktische Metallographie/Practical Metallography, v. 35, n. 9, p. 499-508, 1998.