An application of a modified constructive heuristic algorithm to transmission expansion planning

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Transmission expansion planning (TEP) is a non-convex optimization problem that can be solved via different heuristic algorithms. A variety of classical as well as heuristic algorithms in literature are addressed to solve TEP problem. In this paper a modified constructive heuristic algorithm (CHA) is proposed for solving such a crucial problem. Most of research papers handle TEP problem by linearization of the non-linear mathematical model while in this research TEP problem is solved via CHA using non-linear model. The proposed methodology is based upon Garver's algorithm capable of applying to a DC model. Simulation studies and tests results on the well known transmission network such as: Garver and IEEE 24-bus systems are carried out to show the significant performance as well as the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. © 2011 IEEE.



Constructive heuristic algorithm, DC model, Load-Shedding, Non-linear problem, Transmission expansion planning, Load-shedding, Nonlinear problems, Computer simulation, Convex optimization, DC power transmission, Expansion, Mathematical models, Problem solving, Sustainable development, Thermoelectric power, Heuristic algorithms

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2011 IEEE PES Trondheim PowerTech: The Power of Technology for a Sustainable Society, POWERTECH 2011.