Influence of Angular Thrust in the Measurement of Torque in the SPT-T

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Skin friction of piles can be calculated with the torque measurement in the Standard Penetration Test, SPT-T, proposed by [1]. The purpose of this paper is to provide understating of the influence of angular thrust and rotational speed in this measure. It was used the database of [2] research studying three different site locations in Brazil containing simultaneous measurements of torque and its rotational speed. In addition, the elaboration of curves and statistical analysis made possible to have a better comprehension of the angular thrust behavior before and after the maximum torque is obtained as well as observe patterns and a predominant rotational speed for this test procedure.



SPT-T, angular thrust, torque measurement, rotational speed

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From Fundamentals To Applications In Geotechnics. Amsterdam: Ios Press, p. 430-437, 2015.