High content of constitutive heterochromatin in two species of Pseudonannolene (Diplopoda)

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Due to the fact that a considerable amount of constitutive heterochromatin has been commonly found in millipedes, this paper presents the characterization of the chromosomal complement, through C-banding technique, of two species of millipedes belonging to the genus Pseudonannolene. The species Pseudonannolene tocaiensis shows 2n=20, with five chromosomal pairs almost completely heterochromatic and the remaining pairs with pericentromeric C+ blocks. P. silvestris shows 2n=16, with a large heterochromatic portion in the first two pairs of autosomes, which presented the long arms totally C+.



Constitutive heterochromatin, Cytogenetics, Diplopoda, Pseudonannolene

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Caryologia, v. 58, n. 1, p. 47-51, 2005.