Spectroscopy of InF3 based glasses containing a large amount of GdF3

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Glass formation in the pseudo ternary system ZnF2-GdF3-BaF2-InF3 and other complex systems stabilized by NaF, CaF2, AlF3 and YF3 have been investigated. Samples with greater stability have been prepared and their properties measured. Optical absorption and emission spectra of Gd3+ ions doped glasses with 2, 4, 10 and 20% concentrations have been measured. Using the Judd-Ofelt theory and the experimental oscillator strengths, the Judd-Ofelt parameters have been calculated. The emission of Gd3+ ions from 6I and 6P has been detected and the lifetime has been measured.



Gadolinium, Gadolinium compounds, Indium compounds, Ions, Light absorption, Optical properties, Spectroscopy, Thermodynamic properties, Judd-Ofelt theory, Glass

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Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, v. 213-214, p. 179-183.