Spatial distribution of characidiin fishes (Teleostei, Crenuchidae) in the Ribeirão Grande system, a tributary of Paraíba do Sul river basin, Brazil

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De Souza Braga, Francisco Manoel [UNESP]

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This study analyses the spatial distribution of characidiin fishes Characidium lauroi and Characidium alipioi (Crenuchidae) in a forest stream system located in southeastern Brazil. Fish were sampled from Jury 2001 to April 2002. Collections were made with an electro-fishing device in five stream reaches of the Ribeirão Grande system. Conductivity, pH, water temperature and dissolved oxygen were measured at each site. The species have different distributions in Ribeirão Grande system. Characidium lauroi is abundant in montane-piedmont zones and Characidium alipioi occurs mainly in piedmont-plain zones. Streams' different features contribute to these species' distribution in the system.



Atlantic forest, Characidium alipioi, Characidium lauroi, Crenuchidae, Spatial distribution, Brazil, fish, forest, population dynamics, river ecosystem, sampling, species distribution, species endemicity, teleost, water temperature, Characidium, Pisces, Teleostei

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Acta Scientiarum - Biological Sciences, v. 27, n. 3, p. 259-263, 2005.