Integrodifference model for blowfly invasion

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Springer Heidelberg


We propose a stage-structured integrodifference model for blowflies' growth and dispersion taking into account the density dependence of fertility and survival rates and the non-overlap of generations. We assume a discrete-time, stage-structured, model. The spatial dynamics is introduced by means of a redistribution kernel. We treat one and two dimensional cases, the latter on the semi-plane, with a reflexive boundary. We analytically show that the upper bound for the invasion front speed is the same as in the one-dimensional case. Using laboratory data for fertility and survival parameters and dispersal data of a single generation from a capture-recapture experiment in South Africa, we obtain an estimate for the velocity of invasion of blowflies of the species Chrysomya albiceps. This model predicts a speed of invasion which was compared to actual observational data for the invasion of the focal species in the Neotropics. Good agreement was found between model and observations.



Biological invasions, Velocity prediction, Integrodifference equations, Stage structure, Blowfly dynamics, Two-dimensional redistribution kernel

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Theoretical Ecology. Heidelberg: Springer Heidelberg, v. 5, n. 3, p. 363-371, 2012.