Proposal DNP3 Protocol Simulation on NS-2 in IEEE 802.11g Wireless Network Ad Hoc Over TCP/IP in Smart Grid Applications


The smart grid is a highly complex system of electric power system involving a large number of devices embedded in information and communication technology for fault detection and control. To validate the functionality, reliability and security of a smart grid is required communication protocol. This paper proposes an evaluation of the DNP3 performance across an 802.11g wireless network ad hoc, encapsulated in TCP/IP using the NS-2. The objective is to investigate the feasibility of using DNP3 through an ad hoc network, such as monitoring and teleprotection, measuring the delay required to complete a transaction messages in a self-healing system.



DNP3, Protocol, NS-2, Smart Grid, self-healing, TCP/IP

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2015 Ieee Pes Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Latin America (isgt Latam). New York: Ieee, p. 635-640, 2015.